4 Practical Concealed Carry Options For Runners

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The options for concealed carry seems to grow more and more every day, it seems every time you blink a new holster option comes along. However, these options are usually aimed toward professional and everyday carry. The holster options for people who feel the need to concealed carry during exercise have not always been so quick to keep up. Men and women both have for the most part been left out in the cold in the past when it comes to real options for carrying during exercise especially running. In this article we will look at four practical concealed carry options for runners. People have different preferences and opinions on what works best for them, the choices used in this article were picked based on the same criteria that we would use for all holster to find the most practical concealed carry options. These criteria are:

  • Stability - How secure the holster holds the firearm to the body
  • Accessibility - How easily the firearm can be accessed by the user and difficulty to access by another person
  • Comfort - Level of comfort or discomfort for the user
  • Safety - How safe use of the holster is for the user during activities

4. Fanny Packs

Concealed Carry Fanny Packs

Concealed Carry Fanny Packs is a decent carrying option that comes up in conversations most often, and it seems people either love them or hate them. Either way a concealed carry fanny pack more than fits the bill. Over the last few years' newer versions of the fanny pack have become much less "floppy" and more balanced making them sit more securely around the waist. They secure the firearm very well being that the handgun is fully enclosed and holstered. With these packs accessing the firearm is fairly easy because of its ability to be positioned at any draw location around the waist. It is also fairly easy to get to the firearm with a simple tug of the zipper, and best of all comes with pockets for other items like keys, spare mags, or your ID's. The comfort of these packs have come along way, and with these packs a runner can comfortably carry even a larger framed handgun. And lastly, these packs are one of the safer carry options being that the user doesn't have to worry about the handgun snagging or coming unholstered, which greatly reduces the chances of accidental discharge. Many companies make these style packs, be sure to get a high quality one for best performance. 5.11, Blackhawk, and Voodoo Tactical are just a few companies well worth looking into. The Blackhawk brand concealed carry fanny pack can be found on our website.


3. Belly Bands

Concealed Carry Belly Bands

Belly Band holsters also have come along way in their design, and have become more and more popular because of it. Newer models offer much better stability by using more durable material, securing the firearm more securely, and staying in place very well. Belly band holsters offer great accessibility due to the fact that it can be positioned higher on the torso or lower on the waist and upper hips, and can be positioned anywhere the runner prefers their firearm. Therefore creating the same draw positioning as in everyday carry. The comfort of the belly band holster has greatly improved also, with the use of moisture wicking and breathable material the user doesn't have to deal with skin irritation or slipping of the belt itself. Belly band's safety level is good also, with higher quality bands the firearm is secured with a retention strap and covers the entire trigger and positioned where the user wants it. As a bonus most bands offer pockets for spare mags or I.D. Cards. Side note… For best performance make sure to choose one of higher quality like the PistolWear PT-1 or PT-2.


2. Holster Shorts

Concealed Carry Holster Shorts

Holster shorts can be a very appealing concealed carry option. The basic concept is a pair of MicroPoly/Lycra blend compression shorts that are worn under the outer layer. The built in holster offers stability by positioning your firearm at the small of your back. Holster shorts have great accessibility by offering both left and right holsters, which allows the wearer to position the firearm on their dominant hand side and utilize the other holster for carrying items such as spare magazines or I.D.'s. Another great benefit to these shorts is that they are very comfortable and do not cause chaffing. As for security, these shorts offer great concealment and a holster style that does very well at covering the trigger to help eliminate any snagging or accidental discharge. As an added bonus, Ladies… Even though these shorts were designed primarily for exercise purposes, They also make a great carry option while wearing a skirt or dress. Side note…For best performance make sure to choose one of higher quality like the UnderTech Undercover Holster Shorts.


1. Holster Shirt

Concealed Carry Holster Shirt

We picked the holster Shirt as our #1 spot because of personal experience with this particular concealed carry method as a runner. Stability of the holster shirt is very good, picking the right fit for this shirt is very important to the stability though(if the shirt is too loose you may experience flopping). The accessibility of this shirt is great also, with positioning along the torso under the arm on both sides, giving the option of left or right side carry. As well as the option of carrying items in the opposite holster. These shirts are very comfortable with most brands being made of a Poly/Spandex type blend and form fitted to help reduce chafing. The shirt holster in my opinion is also one of the safest holster options, due to the fact that most designs especially for example the 5.11 holster shirt offers enclosed pocket holstering eliminating the ability of the firearm being grabbed by another person or dropped . And, also designs that adds extra concealment by masking the silhouette of the gun.


 As you can see there are a number of practical options for concealed carry while exercising. Which of them is best for an individual is up to the individual, we suggest assessing your personal needs and going from there. Also, remember to be mindful of when getting a concealed holster to try out for yourself… be careful of cheap knock offs, their quality is much lower and usually aren't as durable as better quality ones. Therefore you may want to consider high quality ones from reputable brands, some of which we mentioned throughout this article.

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