Sign Language, why every prepper should know it.

Sep 19, 2016 - 0 comments

Sign Language, why every prepper should know it

There are many skills that can benefit a person in a survival or "bugout" situation. But, one that is usually overlooked is the ability to communicate with members of your group without drawing unwanted attention. The best way to accomplish is using hand signals, and the most universal form of hand signals is sign language. In any situation sign language can be beneficial as long as the people communicating can visually see each other, eliminating the need for yelling or electronic communication. As a hunter, for example there is no better way to communicate with your hunting partner. Which I have learned first hand over the years. Whether the hand gestures are as simple as pointing a finger or as complicated as relaying directions and information sign language is a very beneficial skill that should not be overlooked.

Sign Language and non verbal hand signals are used in our lives everyday. For example, think about your favorite sports team, how many hand signals might you see between players during the course of a game? Or, how about Military, Law Enforcement, Or even just the average outdoor sportsman? People in these situations use hand signals to relay information and to ensure the safety of everyone involved.We as people see and use countless hand gestures every day to communicate. Harnessing that ability and adding the skill of American Sign Language to your survival skill set ensures that if the necessity arose you and your group would be able to communicate effectively and safely.

For more information on American Sign Language, click the link below.

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